Discount (wallets)

When you order 3 or more of the same color wallet, each wallet will cost you less.

Please click on wallet's pictures to see discount prices.

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Fabric Stripe Checkbook Wallet +

CODE: IK-0825

Price: $3.00


Multifunction Fabric Wallet +

CODE: IH-0823

Price: $2.00


Microsuede Checkbook Wallet +

CODE: IF-0825

Price: $3.00


Stripe Checkbook Wallet +

CODE: IH-0825

Price: $3.00


Black Checkbook Wallet ++

CODE: IA-8010

Price: $4.00


Shiny Checkbook Wallet +

CODE: IZ-0825

Price: $3.00


Small Multifunction Wallet ++

CODE: IL-0823

Price: $3.00


Petite Multifunction Wallet +

CODE: IL-0823

Price: $3.00


Multifunction Frame Wallet +

CODE: IT-8002

Price: $6.00

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